Kritiek veldwedstrijden Denemarken

Geen kwalificatie, maar wel mooie kritiek. Vertaling is via Google Translate, dus een beetje krakkemikkig, maar wel te begrijpen.





Pixer Jixer is released on the stubble field. Make a search with good width, racing at constant high speed and beautiful style. Gets feeling brought and follow up, driver pushes the dog and commands it further and facilitates the hens directly

in front of the dog. Show respect.


2nd slip: Release in reverse on braking ground. Make a search in good contact with leads.


3. Drop: Drop on stub mark in reverse wind. Constructs a search with good broad results in constant high speed and beautiful style. Gets feeling brought, follow up and accomplishes

short-lived condition, the hens flee right in front of the dog.


No prize




Pixer Jixer v.d. Chesannehof is dropped on the stump against the wind. Here it puts it a good land-based search with good use of wind and terrain. Speed is high, the style good goes with strong gallop action, high-headed head, great hunting in good

contact to driver. Is obedient and well-behaved. Keep in the lap for deer.


2nd and 3rd slip on meadow and majesty against the wind. Here's Pixer going, like the first slip, However, in the 2nd drop, area cover is missing on the left side. In 3rd slip there are

chance of a reed that is not being used.


No prize