Markprøve (veldwerk) Ballum

Vertaling kritiek Deense keurmeester via Google Translate:

Pixer Jixer v.d. Chesannehof is dropped on grass against the wind. Here it establishes a well-grounded search with good utilization of wind and terrain. However, has some stops in his search. The speed is good, the style is beautiful with a high-heeled head and easy tailoring. Wearing good hunting in good contact with the driver. Jixer is obedient and well-behaved. There is a chance of a partridge flock that Jixer runs into. There is respect in the run-up. 2nd and 4th slip on grass and dump against the wind. Here is Jixer as at first glance. In 3 slip Jixer is kept for 2x leaping hares. Later on, Jixer disappears shortly in remisses, on his feet, with companions. However, is quickly back. No price Open class. 


NB: de opmerking over 'stops in his search' werd veroorzaakt door gefluit van de andere voorjager. Het was immers een koppelloop.